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Team 2501 is a FIRST Robotics Competition team based in North High School in North St. Paul, MN. We compete in 2 regional competetions per season, usually in Duluth and at the University of Minnesota. Our team is composed of 4 subteams: Build, Electrical, Programming and Marketing. We collaborate over a 6 week build period to fabricate, program and fund a robot to complete a specific challenge for that particular season.

In addition to competitions, our team works with local elementary schools and community organizations to promote STEM programs and innovation in students. Our team also works to increase minority participation in STEM programs, and our team includes students from many different backgrounds and cultures.

Our team most recently competed in the Medtronic regional in Minneapolis, MN, taking 7th place during qualifications. Earlier this season, our team took 1st place at the Northern Lights regional in Duluth, MN, securing a spot for our team at the world championship in Detroit, MI.

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Our Team

Our Mentors

Team Advisor: David Moran

Richard Siver

Don Seiford

Tyler Seiford

Jerry Nettleton

Our Sub - Teams

Build Captain: Colin Barrett


Aaron Michel

Glen Nielsen

Moses Nyakondo

Amelia Haagensen

Ashlie Hamilton

Ben Harding

Mitchell Heim

Ben Olson

Alex Warling

Lucy Smith

Sam Hansen

Marketing Captain: Tim Larson


Tyler Simanski

Matt Eide

Joe Kennedy

Alison Olson-E

Sami Bonn

Emily Johnson

Vyha Nguyen

Programming Captain: Andy Hansen


Daniel Hagedorn

Brian Alberg

Nico Escobedo

Tony Verdeja

Electrical Captain: Brett Gulyash


Beau Bangtson

Shah Walker

Terrick Swanson


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